Displays, Marketing & Outreach

Marketing and Outreach Resources.

Whether you are a Public Library, Special Library, Academic Library or another type of library I’ve never even heard of, you may benefit from the resources listed below.

Please comment below if you have another blog that will be helpful for others and I will add it. There are a lot of different lists out there. I am happy that we have all these resources!

Free Apps & Online Software for Library Marketing Creations. (A-Z)

Canva is described as “an online graphic design platform allowing everyone to create professional designs” Click through more to learn about this amazing startup.
As stated on their webpage, “GIFMaker.me allows you to create animated gifs, slideshows, and video animations with music online freely and easily, with no registration required.”
This company’s about section states, “Fotor was launched in May of 2012 and has from the very beginning brought powerful, easy to use photo editing tools into the hands of anyone and everyone with an internet connection.”
Looking for a photo collage editor you can use on your PC? Check out PicMonkey. They tout that “PicMonkey is a free photo editor that works in your browser — nothing to download or install. Fix your photos and add beautiful filters and text. Touch up facial features and create outstanding graphics. Ridiculously easy, staggeringly gorgeous.”
Powtoon’s mission statement: “PowToon will create the world’s most minimalist, user-friendly and intuitive presentation software that allows someone with no technical or design skills to create engaging professional “look and feel” animated presentations.”
“The scourge of university IT paper consumption worldwide.” Turn any photo into a large copy. Click through for a better description. Happy Enlarging.
Web Resizer
Web-based photo resizer. There are some editing abilities such as adding a border and changing colors available.
Description stated as “welcome to the world of talking selfies or creative anonymity!”

Library Display & Marketing Blogs/ Websites (A-Z with locations)

5 min Librarian- Marketing Tag (USA)
AD/Lib (Canada)
Academic Library Marketing
 (Chicago, USA)
Creative Library Displays
 (New Zealand)
Holidays and Important Dates (USA)
Ideas about Communication (United Kingdom)
Libraries are Essential (USA)
Library Display Bonanza! (Tumblrland)
Library Displays: Pinterest (Kirsten Murphy)
Library Displays; Pinterest (Watertown Public Library)
Library Displays: School Library (New Zealand)
Library Displays: School Library (Alaska, USA)
Librarian Design Share
Library Graphic Design (Florida, USA)
Library Market Dropbox (Arkansas, USA)
Social Media in South Carolina Libraries: Home (South Carolina, USA)
The Library Marketing Toolkit (United Kingdom)

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Please click the photos below to view different physical library displays I have created throughout the years.

2018 lib display

Blog Library Display Headers.jpg