Library Displays 2017


This year, we celebrated African American History month in February by spotlighting African American Artists from South Carolina. Artist’s chosen: Merton Simpson, David Drake, Winston Wingo, Leo Twiggs, and Dwight Rose.






The Library offered several different types of articles for this year’s library display. Rainbow Lucky Resources did OKAY. Many of the articles were either sifted through or taken.




A colleague had several different advance reader books from going to conferences throughout the years. She offered to give away the titles to our students. Around 80 books were given away. It was just a first come first serve basis. Some books were covered to give a bit of a surprise to the taker.


I started incorporating more and more passive drawing activities in front of the display table in late 2016 and 2017. This passive activity asked students to draw their handprint on the paper, and leave an encouraging word. Below are some of the drawings that the students left.



Now on year five of library displays, I started to reach out to other librarians to take over the display. Below is a display created by one of my fellow librarians and focuses on African American Women activists.




For the first time in my memory, the library celebrated Pride Month. This display is largely rainbow, and includes many LGBTQIA titles and intends to include different intersectionalities. Facts and information about Pride month included.



Unless you were under a rock, you knew that South Carolina was in a prime path for viewing the total solar eclipse. The display below was up until the eclipse occurred. We signed up to get free eclipse glasses from Astronomers without Borders. They have an eclipse glasses exchange program so if you are still holding on to your pair, consider donating to them. 



Time for another Guest Display! All about the Feminists. This display was up for the rest of August and some of September.



We took up eclipse glasses and worked with a local elementary school to send them to Uganda.


Harry Potter is 20! Can you believe it? October definitely turned out to be a big display month for the library. I put up loads of Harry Potter drawings, facts about the book, and even made our very own Platform 9 3/4. We encouraged students to take pictures by the platform. Many people told me that the students enjoyed this activity.



You’re a wizard, harry.


I put out an answer table in front of the Harry Potter display and also included a passive activity. Students could draw something Halloweeny, and also create some Harry Potter glasses. Here is the website I used for the instructions. 


Time to give thanks. I put out loads of recipe books so that students could give their very best get-together and learn more about cooking during this thankful month. The display included graphic leafs that I found on Canva.



Finals! AH! Here I included different ways for students to de-stress! Our students really love taking the slips of bubble wrap and popping it. We gave over 100+ pieces! This display also included different bits of information about campus support including writing center, counseling services, student success and pantry support.