Library Displays 2016

Welcome to 2016

Take a Break at Puzzle Corner


This year, I decided to try to use puzzles out in a common area of the library. They were well received and we continued to place more and more out as the semester went on. I simply asked the library if they had any to donate, and everyone came through with lots of well-loved puzzles.

Blind date with a book

Blind date with a book was a little different this year. I decided to make it more of a “Tinder” theme. Each book was a biography of a celebrity, and the students would choose a book with a blurred image on the cover. I put out candy, and eraser rings. Not as many books were checked out this year as they have been in the past. I plan on skipping BDWB for 2017.

Celebrate Upstate International Month

The Library collaborated with the Center for International Studies to provide more information about the International Symposium to the University Community.

Planes, Names and Biographies

The Library began using the space under the stairs as a standing display arena. Here, students could learn more about the Wright Brothers and create their own paper airplane. This display was in direct relation to the Distinguished Lectured Series Speaker event in 2016; Dr. John B. Edmunds, Jr. Edmunds spoke on his most recent book, “The Wright Brothers.” More about the event may be viewed here:

Color Your Stress Away.

To evade stress, a creation station was set up in front of the library’s usual display area. Here, students could sit down and color different worksheets. There were also donated doughnuts.

This Semester’s Poppin’


Pop-up books and bubble wrap were provided at the front entrance for students as they moved closer into finals. The students could pick up a small piece of bubble wrap to pop away the stress!

Send a Post Card!


August brought forth a new Fall semester. The Wright Brothers were changed out to promote a creation station. Students could pick up a library branded post card, fill it out and submit. The library sent out many post cards for students for *free* to loved ones.

This Semester I will…


Also in August, the Library relocated its usual post-it note wall to a column. This column is right near the front entrance. Students were asked what they would do for this new semester. A lot of the answers were creative!



The first front entrance display at the library promoted Graphic Novels as its first Fall semester display. Graphic novels were available for check out.

Banned Books Week


Frequently Challenged Books (1).jpg

img_0595 img_0596

Another semester, Another Banned Books week! This year we celebrated by including a creation station. Students were able to take book pages and create Blackout Poetry. You may read how to incorporate this craft by clicking through this link. 

Library Mock Election


Contentious times call for mock elections. Students were able to take a paper ballot and vote for president. All candidate sides were show by presented posters on left and right. All in all the election went over very well. All that participated generally voted once, and displayed respect for one another.

The Answer Table










After the mock election and the actual election, we set out to bring a bit of positivity to the world by asking our students what gave them hope. There were drawings, positive uplifting comments left, along with some political thoughts. The library strives to use this table as a way to express thoughts and creativity.

Color your Stress Away



Keeping in tune with the creative strain, a new question was posed to the student body, and then as we moved closer to finals, coloring pages were added to the creation table.

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