Library Displays 2015


Third Year Full Time Librarian

Things are really good. I feel settled in my position, and ready to face the world.

Blind date with a book 2015 annual display.- February

I am still nutso for Blind date with a Book. I have photos of some of the library covered books included, and also an overall photograph of the display.

I wanted to create a different look this year, so I tried to look outside of the box, and into the library’s front yard. I took branches from the ground, stuck them into dollar item buckets from target. I then cut out glitter hearts from target one dollar valentines day crafting paper, and taped them to the individual branches.

This added a little height to the display, but still allowed for a great deal of visibility. Often times, I must take into account blocking the visual line of travel because this display is right in the front of the main entrance of the library. I want librarians to be able to see who is coming in and out of the library.

Again, each book had some sort of piece of Valentine’s day candy affixed to sweeten the deal. To help my circulation department easily check out the books, I wrote out each barcode number. This allowed the circulation staffer to key in the item, instead of making the student open the book immediately.
This is my favorite display for the entire year and I tend to go a little overboard with decorating each book. I scavenged the Target dollar isle for stickers, glitter glues, pipe cleaners, and goldy paper. Not all the books were taken this year, but as always, I had a great time working on the project.


Pot of Gold Picks.-March

Wow! This was a VERY successful display! I grappled with the idea of displaying items that were something other than books, cds, dvds, or some other physical item that the library checks out. We have so many resources online that need promoting too!

I chose three general topics that would hit a large majority of my university’s student population. These categories/topics were Business, Education, Nursing and “I’m feeling lucky.” I needed to fill each box top with about 10 articles so I searched general terms like “bullying AND workplace” or “Education AND children.” After finding several articles that would be easily read, I printed them out and placed in each box. On the outside of each article, I wrote keywords that would help the students know what each article would include.

The last box included different general topic articles that our First Year students usually need. I included a lot of the usual controversial topics, and threw in a couple new ideas too. During this month, I had to refill all of the bins three times.  It was definitely a success.

I took the display up higher by creating a super huge rainbow. I used foam board for the arch, crumpled up white paper for the clouds, and small colored squares for the rainbow color. This display was during March so it fed into the St. Patrick’s day holiday feel.

Adding the “Try your luck on one of these articles” banner got the point across. I will definitely do this display again; just in a different capacity and theme.

Welcome to National Poetry Month.- April


Many times, I divide up my display into three parts, and I did this for National Poetry Month. The first section displayed student poetry, the second section asked display participants to submit their own library haiku. If they did so, they were entered into a contest to win one free sandwich. I was given a gift certificate from one of the campus eateries for this prize. I just gave them a call and they were very happy to help.
Here are the four poems that were submitted:


To make the submit box, I taped two box tops together, and wrapped it in hamburger wrapping paper (that I made on Canva). The flowers in the back are paper, and I made the petals just folding up paper accordion style.

The third section gave some inspirational poetry books that could be checked out. It turned out to be a great way to get some passive interaction with the display.

 Summer Selections: Cooking Adventures. May-July

More than most of the time, I try to pick a display that can stay up through out our summer semesters. This year, I decided that choosing cook books with a summer adventure them would work.

I took a pretty easy approach to this display. I cut out different sea animals, and taped them onto sewing thread. Placed these under the cabinet to make them mobile and create interest lower on the cabinet. The blue and white cloth gave a sense of a wave, and I put a couple of surfers on the cloth.

 Fall 2015

This year, I worked from a Fall Marketing Plan. This helped me gain more exposure to our overall plan, and also get some leverage for marketing and outreach funds. It also helped me see exactly *how* much we are doing as far as marketing and outreach goes. Sometimes, it is easy to get to the end of the semester and think, “What happened? What did we accomplish?” When you employ a simple marketing plan, you are able to count out the things you accomplished, the events that worked, and tweak any happenings for more opportunity.


Before I graduate.- August

The glass wall right beside circulation is in front of a student work table. I have done a couple of other things here in the past, and for Fall 2015, I asked the students to write out what their aspirations were before they graduated. What was key in this display, is that we added to a scavenger hunt that most first year students go through in the library.


Start of Fall 2015


Spring 2016

Take a look at some of these responses…

This was an easy display to pull off. I put out different colored post-its, two markers (that have yet to walk off), and taped up all the white paper. The End.

Not pictured: Autism Information Display.- August

The Preface book for our university this past year was the Curious Incident of the Dog in the nighttime. I did a brief display on autism spotlighting some of the library’s resources on the spectrum. I included also this graphic about videos on the topic.

Ted Talks on Autism

Leisure Reading Room Cooking Display. Rice-a-roni! Ratatouille! Rigatoni!- August

In my personal life, I began to learn how to create different types of dishes and cuisines, and that definitely bled out into my display making. Each semester, I create a display that stays up for both Fall and Spring in our Leisure Reading room. This year, I went on a ratatouille theme mainly because I wanted to draw the rat with a little hat and I am pretty into food. Like most people are.

I cut out large prints of lettuce, and plates to stand as back drops to the book stands. I covered the pot in tinfoil to give the appearance of a real pot of soup. The red drop cloth brought the whole display together. I think I read somewhere that yellow and red are appetite enticing colors.

Banned Books.- September

Instead of involving jails, or chains or mugshots, I tried to focus on Censorship, free speech, and human liberty for this year’s Banned Books Week.  The book covers from our library collection were a great pairing to the center fire pit made out of paper.

IMG_3820 (1)IMG_3821

Up at the top of this display, I created an infographic depicting some of the most frequently challenged books in 2014. It has a lot of notes on tumblr!

USC Upstate banned

And later on, I also added an area where students could pick up Banned Books Week Book Marks. More than 70 were taken. 


As I was taking down the Banned Books display, a student stopped and said that they really enjoyed it and that they were wondering what came next. I said, “Well, you know it is Halloween coming up so bOOOOOOOOOOks.” They gave me a face like I had just made the biggest dad joke ever, and then they laughed. I knew then and there, this was my next display.

IMG_4296 (1)

Ok, Y’all. That spider web stuff? I am never going to use it again. It is a big pain and a half to get unspun and stick to stuff. I guess that is why it really was just one dollar.

We had two ghosts trying to get their research on for this display. Their books are titled, “How to be a ghost” by Mr. Scares-a-lot, and “What to do when they don’t scream” by Ghosty McGhost. Obvious to include these for this display. I put other titles such as… “The likeness,” “Bonedog,” and “Night of the pumpkin-head,” but none could beat “Scary Stories II” since it was taken no less than two seconds after I finished the over all display.

 Calling all Students- November

Finding something for every student no matter what year they are in, can be seen as a little difficult, but I tried to hit the mark with this display.  First year, Sophomore, Junior and Senior, all had their own Spartan head icon with noticeable differences indicating where or what they might be feeling as that student.

Behind each icon, books lined up to help. Study guides, resume writing skills, dealing with hazing and bullying were among some of the titles.


 International Games Day- November

Each year our library participates in International Games Day. One of my fellow librarians really loves the event, and always hosts it. This year, she had several different games, a WiiU dance off, and a selfie station.

I created the poster for the event and the selfie station. Using a large piece of paper, I cut out several different emoji faces. Also included were emojis on sticks so students could pose with them. These selfies were taken by students.

All I want for Christmas is Peer Review- December


Bringing up the end of the semester is the lovely Mariah Carey. In effort to recreate the success from the “Pot of Gold” resources display created earlier in the year, I decided to go for a peer reviewed article display. I think the only fail on this one was my timing. This display went up in december, right around finals, and understandably not when students are looking for different kinds of articles. They are rushing to submit final papers, projects, and didn’t need the uncertainty of a random article.

Granted, I loved the banner line, and it made me smile. A lot of the students liked the Carey reference too. If I decide to do this display again, I will be sure to pay close attention to my timing.

I looked up the Carey’s and cut them out with a cardboard backing. I put different book, school icons to make it more relevant to the display topic.


How this works-

This was our 2015. What a great year!

Back to library displays home.

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