Library Displays 2014

Year 2 at full time librarian position.

I finally had a grasp on my limitations on displays. I knew what areas I could use, what my materials were, and how much time each project could possibly  take. I still just do displays as the mood strikes me, and don’t have a clear set plan for each month. I do try to hit the highlights as the year goes by such as valentines, thanksgiving, Banned Books week, etc.

Brr, It’s chilly.

Cozy up with a bookWe started out the year with a cozy snowman under the blankets. I took some packing materials that were given to me, and made them into a snowman by taping the paper into snowman shapes.

Taking brown paper, I quilled out some arms to hold the books, and then tucked him in with blue cloth blanket and a paper pillow.

Here is an easy tutorial on how to make little paper hats. 

I just cut a small sliver of length of paper hotdog style, and then balled it up for the eyes, and mouth. I made a orange carrot nose by just forming a cone with paper. 

I was definitely getting more into paper crafting by this time and not as much drawing out displays.

Imma read what I wanna read.

Untitled designUnder pressure to show students what academic freedom really means, I decided to do a “Banned books week” style display earlier than September.  Choosing the slogan, “free people read freely” as a jumping off point, I collected several books from the library collection that had been banned at some point in history.

I created a book list of authors and banned books that the library houses, and used them in the display. I used this graphic to great a sort of tag for each book. I also wrote why the book was banned.

In the background, I simply cut out letters that spelled out the word SCANDALOUS.

2nd (now) annual blind date with a Book.

2014 bdbFeeling a little more settled in my position, I set off to have a slightly more creative display this year. I got started earlier, and I got started wrapping WAY earlier than before. Here are some other differences for the 2014 blind date with a book display.

  • I took thread, and tape various shaped hearts to create a banner that hung from the “library tour” sign you constantly see in all the pictures. A word to the wise is this, if you are going to create a banner like this, string the thread and then tape on the hearts. I have a habit of mocking up displays in my office first, and moving this banner was a nightmare.
  • I spent a little money this time. Mostly, I splurged to get some candy to go on to the books. I also used some candy from my teaching supply. I don’t get reimbursed for the candy, but I use the excess in my information literacy classes. It is a win-win situation. I was asked if I had any one just take the candy off the books and not check the item out. As of yet, I have not had an incident.
  • I really let my creativity fly with the book covers. I tried to pull from pop culture to entice the students to check the books out. I drew grumpy cat, wrote song lyrics, and even included drake. I looked up different quotes to use. It HELPED.
  • I bought some dollar items from the Target dollar isle because that area is pretty much a must have. It is as if it calls my name. Must. Dollar. things.

Check out some of these book covers.



 Celebrate Black History Month

IMG_5005I moved the February blind date with a book display into celebrating black history month through African American poets. I kept the hearts up, and put up as many examples of African American Poetry I could lay my hands on.






Upstate International Display

March is Upstate International Month, and in March 2014 a USC Upstate Professor served as a panelist discussing one of the celebrated common novels. There were also several events held in the local area around the library.

Listed on the display is the brochure detailing all the events. There was also an opening in the display for patrons to look down into the glass display at the featured novel. Several topical books to look at were provided to the left.

A small poster of students holding the world was drawn, and asked “how will you celebrate upstate international?”


Doughnuts for finals.


I call and ask for donations from our local Krispy Kreme around finals week. Our Students LOVE the doughnuts. It is such a wonderful way to treat the students, and I am so thankful we have such community involvement during this stressful time!





I think the book was blue.

IMG_5700Many times patrons cannot remember the title of the book that they ABSOLUTELY have to have. Maybe the book had gold lettering, maybe it was big, maybe it was blue.  Taking from this idea, I recreated the display for academic purposes.

Of course, the books weren’t checked out , but some had little bubbles written above them.  The students could read more about how to write down the call number and title when they want to remember the book, or maybe take a picture of it! Just a friendly reminder on how to stay on task.



Dive into the Leisure reading Collection.

IMG_5960The past summer, I created a display that would be able to stay up for both summer semesters. This summer I decided to highlight the Leisure Reading Collection with the cool theme, “Dive into a cool book.” I cut out waves, and an old timey diver for the props. Paper backs floated in the waves.


New Leisure Reading Collection Room Display.

Leisure Reading CollectionFall came again, and it was time for a new Leisure Reading Collection Room Display. Down with the genres and up with the dragons. I went for the fairytale theme. All books surrounding the display some how relate.

I took foam board that I had inherited over the past year, and began to sketch out a dragon. I used the same foam board to pop out a castle. Instead of a damsel in distress, by prompt from twitter, I gave her more of a can-do attitude. Our damsel is more in control of the dragon here.

To suspend him, I took thread and taped it strategically to the walls and an adjacent book shelf. So far, it is still standing, or flying I should say.

Banned Books Week

IMG_7273I knew that Banned Book Week needed to be pretty big for us this year, so I started in with the flames! Taking inspiration from Buzzfeed, I decided to print out the covers and sit the physical book beside the banning explanation.

I also made book marks for each book. You can use it too.  Also attached are two clip art examples I used from the ALA Banned Books week website. 

Chilling Choices for Halloween.

booooooooooo ks!I asked for help with the choices on this one because I CAN’T watch spooky movies. There are a lot of different ways to make paper pumpkins. Here, and Here. But I used this one. 

I made the leaves by rolling them around a wooden dowel and pulling them out like a little curl.








The very big very awesome Book wall.

bookwall1The outer two walls of my office are composed of 85% glass. This is a total estimate but I am going with it. This office is fondly called, “The Glass Bowl” or the “goldfish bowl” because you are front and center to everything. I share this office with part time librarians as well.

When I first arrived at my full time librarian position, I was given about one million book jacket covers that were saved over the year. I am not exact on the number, but I am about 95% positive it was one million. They were everywhere. I sifted through and found the most appealing ones, cut them up and pasted them on colored paper. I had absolutely no idea what my plan was for these things. I then categorized them by subject and packed them away into my cupboard of stuff. . Yep, total librarian.

It wasn’t until the beginning of Fall 2014, I realized I should paper the glass walls with these covers. I wanted a paper quilt look.

I went so far as to even create a libguide on all the titles. I checked to see how much each title had been checked out in the past, so that when i am done with this project, I can go back and see if any of the circulation stats rose.

Here are some sketches from this year…

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