Library Displays 2013

Welcome to first full-time Librarianship position.

I was so excited to get started on my first full time librarian position. So much to learn, and in so little time. I dove head first into figuring out where to head with library displays. Here are all the ones we had that year.

First Blind date with a Book Display.

1st Blind Date with a BookLittle did I know that Blind date with a book would become my favorite display and event. The concept is simple. Take books, cover them, and allow users to choose blindly what book they might like to check out.

I decided to cover each of the books the same. I used butcher block paper that I found in the library supply room. I folded white paper into sticks, and stuck different sized hearts on them. This gave the display some height and interest.

In the photos for promotion, I included a cardboard cut out of the current Chancellor, at that time. I inherited this cardboard cutout, and sought any chance to use it. If you have something like this cardboard cut out, this is a great way to tie in the University to your library displays.
Here are some more pointers.

  1. Be sure to check with your circulation department to make sure they are okay with the book coverings. It could be difficult for them to check out the books to the users.
  2. Cover the book entirely, but be sure to have a way to make check out as easy as possible. At my library, the barcodes are generally located on the inner cover. I took the numbers associated with the barcode, and wrote it on the outside of the book once it has been covered. This way, circulation can key in the code, and the patron does not have to uncover the book in front of the circulation staff person.
  3. Ask other librarians for help with choosing the books.
  4. Include other medias. Blind date with a book, movie, musical, etc.
  5. Later on, I affixed candy to the covers. You might think this is a good idea for your display too.

 Irish Heritage Month

Irish HeritageI was still on the Holiday driven displays kick, when I decided to tackle Irish Heritage Month.Since I am the English Liaison, I felt like I could create the display from my collection while getting to know it better at the same time. I was up against a new dilemma. At my previous employer, I had a cabinet with shelves to sit and display collection items on. At my new library, I had a table that allowed for books to be placed inside, and only allowed users to look into the table. I decided to cover the jewel cabinet like table and display the book items on top. I wanted the users to be able pick up something and check it out.I wanted to encourage interaction.

When I started collecting a list of items for the display, I researched various Irish authors from several websites. I tried to match authors to our collection and items available for checkout.  I worked with green paper to make little signs for each author.


Poetry Month, Southern Style.

Southern style poetry month

Sticking with the literary theme, I foraged on into the next display deciding to celebrate Poetry month. I took a spin and made South Carolina  and Southern the topic of discussion. I promoted South Carolina poetry and poet laureates. I pushed poetry on our social medias, and campaigned for local poets.

For the display, I drew out the state of South Carolina, and glued it on to a piece of foam board. I framed the foam SC state in Palm trees, and heavily used palmetto blue as a branding color for the display.

Each book had a small book mark included that told a bit about the author and their life.



Excuse the Mess.

monsters in the libraryMany summers are spent building and rebuilding space within the library. My first summer was spent with the installation of new lights and tiles and new carpet being laid on the first floor. To help with confusion and questions, I placed the blame on library monsters. They did the apologizing.

I used various bits of cardboard I found from boxes to make this display. It was as if it was floating in air and gave the feel of a bulletin board that wasn’t there.





A match for your attention.

boxing books vs moviesMoving in to Fall, I pulled together a boxing match between books and movies. Who would win?

I took two identical pieces of cardboard and wrapped them in butcher paper. Then cut out a rectangle to draw the old-timey boxers on. I just taped the two together with an adjoining piece of paper that was fashioned to look like a ribbon.

I made a banner out of thread and paper. Downloaded circus fonts from

Movies won. 🙂




Leisure Reading Room.

genreBy this time, the Leisure Reading Collection was receiving it’s own dedicated space and needed a display. I decided to work up a display that could be left up all year long. Since we have so many different genres in the collection, I decided to optimize this theme.

I drew a werewolf, bride, detective, alien and a mummy, in hopes to meet most of the genres the collection housed.

I reused the alien from the summer in this display. Could you tell?




Recommended for you.

IMG_3399After deciding what would be on display for months, I opened up the display to interested reference librarians. I asked them to give me a list of recommended titles from our collection. I did a small write up about the librarian, their choices and the topic. Each  librarian had a couple of weeks, and I kept track of how many books were checked out.

This display was very easy, and I did the write up in Microsoft publisher. I asked the librarians to provide a picture they liked, since it was going up on the display. I made a big red arrow out of paper, and used ribbon to string the paper stars together.  The font was from

T’was the Night Before Christmas.

Holiday 2013I was offered a large collection of “T’was the Night Before Christmas” books via my library Dean. We put these up on display for Library Use only. They ranged from all kinds of topics surrounding the well known tale.

I reused some of the stars from the previous display around the Title words.








Wishes for the New Year.

IMG_4117Yearning for a space that allowed students to have an interactive experience, I turned to the large glass walls that make up half of my office. Pasting paper up on the wall, I asked students to devise a plan for what they would do in the next year. I will… meet Richard Simmons. I will graduate. I will run! Starting out the 2014 year with a celebratory goal in mind was a great way for our students to get in gear.

I made a small paper pouch for markers, and reused stars from a previous display to give the paper interest and drive all library users to plug in a goal.

Here are some sketches from this year…

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