Library Displays 2012

Welcome to Librarianship.

In 2012, I started my first year working as a library professional. The Greenville Technical College (GTC) Library encouraged me to start working with displays, and my crazy story started taking shape.  I was able to work as  a Library Technical Assistant and also complete my internship at the main library branch, and then move up as a part-time librarian at a satellite campus during the same year.

 Barton Main Library

50 years for GTC GTC turned 50 years old during my employment, and I created a poster to accompany the library staff at an annual convocation event. It was later hung adjacent the newly formed archives room. Quite possibly was thrown away after that time and I don’t blame them if they did!

Additionally to the poster, I also created a humongous display celebrating the birthday. This library had a large grated window at the end of the great hall. I and my supervisor created squares to fill each great and form a gigantic “50.” The outer edges were made of newspaper, and the “50” was formed from book covers. Viewers could see the sign both inside and outside the library.


Holidays Known and Unknown.

At Barton Main Campus Library, I was given the most encouragement to pursue art, library displays, and discovery. I was able to create several different general displays for this library. By looking up different holidays, my displays were driven in different directions that had not been seen before.

Embrace Your Inner Geek Day. This guy was made out of paper, markers and was over 5 feet tall! I added books that were all kinds of different nerdy. I had a great time working on this project.



Sketched Thoughts.


I regularly drew out different ideas for displays. This one did come true but I forgot to take a picture of it! National Bathroom Reading Month, what a  fun way to drive circulation and show a little humor.







 Controversial Topics.

June2012Choosing controversial topics is a favorite thing of mine. I drew this poster and chose many different view points on this topic. Including teen pregnancy, religious and political view points was a must. Many times readers and patrons would not seek out books of this nature. This is another way to bring a rise in your circulating collection.


Is your paper hungry for more resources?

Hunger Games Display

Many times, I came up with ideas and sketched them out on notebook paper before starting a project. I wanted a way for the Barton Library users to know there were other resources other than physical books available. I used the entry way poster board to promote different databases. I used the hunger games theme, and flames for each resource.

At that time, I had many different rolls of colored paper to work with so, I set out to draw the mockingjay bird pendant as the center of the display.




New Hours.

Late Night for Barton 2012When we introduced late night hours, I decided to draw the library building for the promotion poster. I found an old paper stand that we weren’t using,  fit the paper to the stand, and then went to work. This poster was posed at the entrance to show patrons that the library was now “open late.” I used marker, paint and pencil. Instead of ordering high priced art materials, I was learning to work with materials that were around me.


Braisher Branch Library

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

IMG_2991I didn’t have a great deal to work with at first when I began at Braisher. Our space was so small. Please imagine two conference rooms with a divider, and you have a good picture of the space. I covered a piece of cardboard, drew some colored lines diagonally on the paper, and highlighted our hours.

The space was new, and the doors that opened to the library space were windowless. No way to look in, and no way to look out. This was the only way I could let the students and faculty know that we were available!


Folded Book art.

Book LadyI made this book lady from a discarded book. I folded down the left edge to meet the center of the book. By taping the two covers together, the book naturally folds out. I drew the lady, cut her out and stuck the end through the top hole of the book.

I set this figure at the front of the new  Braisher library. It was a fun way to introduce the students to a new space, and gave a face to the area, if someone wasn’t available.






DIY Chalkboard Poster Art.

Braisher PosterThis poster was created to serve as a instructional and informational directive.

We needed something catchy to let the students know about the new space, and new resources. I was into working with new fonts. I wanted to try to do new styles. So, I literally took someone else’s poster, and drew on the back of it to create this item.







Getting to know you.

giving TreeClearly, one of our biggest hurdles was getting the word out to students about the new library space. We were able to purchase several mobile white boards, and I used one of them to promote the space.

I drew  the childhood favorite, The Giving Tree, but with a few minor changes. If you notice, “The Braisher Library” is written on the tree with our days and hours listed. I usually changed out the bottom of the sign periodically. This helped the students know what we had available!



Rules, Regs and Much more. 

Rules for the little LibraryThe very first night I worked at my new library, a student came into the library space, sit down, and directly go to sleep at one of the tables. My first night! I understand sleeping in a library. I did it ALL the time during my undergraduate, but the space for this library was REALLY small.

I could hear the student snoring. They were so close! I decided we needed to set some parameters on what was acceptable in the library. Enter the town crier!Hear ye, hear ye, the rules and library policy. I looked at clip art picture for this image. I took our own library policy and made it easier for students to read.


Tours Start here Tours Start Here.

Since GTC was turning 50 years old, the new library branch was a big focus of the celebration. We gave tours of the building it was housed in, and celebrated with many parties.

I drew this man so we would have an idea of where the tours started. He was on a mobile white board.





Holidays at Braisher:

I tried to find some tutorials on how to create white board art, but there just weren’t any that I like. RSA does some great Animation work with whiteboards. Here is my favorite. When I worked at Braisher, we had a lot of opportunity for marketing through whiteboards as a medium, as I mentioned above. I was still exploring my abilities. Here are some of the drawings I created.
Holiday at Braisher

 I used all the white board spaces to promote holiday favorites. My personal favorite holiday movie has to be Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I decided to draw it! The students really loved the picture! Charlie Brown and the Grinch Stole Christmas where next

Celebrate the New Year.


Inspirational Jan 2013

When the New Year came around, I wanted students to start thinking about resolutions. Did you know that January is the celebration of life month? Looking up different holidays really helped drive my displays during this time.










Growing Pains, Learning and Progress.

During my first couple of months at Braisher, I started the interview process for a Full time position. Going through the process of an academic interview is intense to say the least. I was so thankful to make it to the end and land the job. I was so excited about all the opportunity that lay ahead. And even though 2013 was a hard year for me, I learned so much. Here are some other sketches and drawings from that time.


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